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Pro-President Trump Group with MAGA Mickey Asked to Move Outside Walt Disney World


A group of President Donald Trump supporters who set up outside Walt Disney World were asked to move by law enforcement and they’ve now asked an attorney to look into their rights. 

A video, which has now been deleted, showed Trump supporters outside Walt Disney World, on the corner of County Road 535 and Hotel Plaza Boulevard on President Day. 

The supporters’ display included a giant Mickey Mouse wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Oh boy! 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) said it was called about the demonstration by Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. 

A deputy who responded to the call told the group that they would have to move to the other side of Country Road 535.

“[The deputy] said his boss told him we had to go, apparently. He was telling me [that] Disney owned that side. All of it. It doesn’t make sense,” said Jeff Sonksen, who was a part of the group outside Disney. 

Sonksen, an Longwood artist who produced the MAGA Mickey, said the group peacefully moved to the other side of  the street, however they plan to return and are contacting an attorney to find out if they have a right to at least remains on the sidewalk near the Walt Disney World sign. 

The Longwood artist admits that the group’s display did spill onto the grass. The OCSO acknowledged the incident in an email saying the following:

“Deputies did respond to this area of the request of Reedy Creek, as the individuals were on their private property. They relocated across the street with no issues.” 

Source: WESH News 

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