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10 Houses We’d Like to See at Halloween Horror Nights 30


It’s seven months until the opening date of the event, but we’re already thinking about Halloween Horror Nights 30 (HHN 30).

What are we thinking you may ask? Well, we’re thinking about the houses, scare zones and live entertainment that will feature at HHN 30.

Listed below are the 10 houses we’d like to see at this year’s event (PLEASE NOTE: We will be producing a separate article for scare zones and live entertainment).

KEY: Intellectual Property – IP, Original – OR

  • Beetlejuice – Ghostbusters-type of house (IP)
  • Halloween Kills or The Conjuring – Blumehouse (IP)
  • Psycho (IP)
  • Hellraiser (IP)
  • XXX Years of Fear – Past HHN Icons house (OR)
  • 5 OR All-New Houses – Universal Creative has the talent to do this!
    • Something based on a Nuclear Winter w/mutants or an abandoned prison-type house with a deranged killer would make us happy!

We’d love to know what houses you’d like to see at HHN 30! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll put a separate article for your suggestions!

Everything you need to know about this year’s event can be found here.


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