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The Cause of The Fire at Disneyland Has Been Revealed


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A state agency that inspects attractions has determined that a backstage fire that forced Disneyland (DL) to close Adventureland temporarily and caused isolated power outages in the iconic theme park was caused by a construction generator.

The fire started in a backstage area on the 6th February between the DL Firehouse and the Emporium gift shop was quickly put out by DL’s fire department and Anaheim Fire & Rescue.

California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) spokesperson Frank Polizzi said: “The fire was related to a generator supplying power to a building. The temporary generator was being used during construction.”

The fire burned an area of vegetation near the Jungle Cruise. Disneyland officials said no guests or employees were injured by the fire and no buildings were damage. Adventureland was temporarily closed to guests after the fire.

The land was available to guests the next morning after DL opened, officials said. DOSH contacted DL after seeing reports on media/social media about the fire, Polizzi said. DOSH decided not to investigate the Disneyland fire because it wasn’t attraction-related, Polizzi said.

DOSH, also known as California/OSHA is the state agency which inspects theme park attractions and issues operating permits for theme park rides.

Source:The Orange County Register (The OCR)

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