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President of Universal Creative Suggests E.T. Adventure “Will Never Go Away” at 2019 TEA Summit


President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury (Woodbury) suggested that E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida (USF) at Universal Orlando Resort will “never go away” as long as he’s still president at the 2019 TEA Summit.

Watch Woodbury make the comment in the video below:

Video Transcription

Cregg [inaudible surname]: Hey Mark, so you say that you’re not nostalgic and I know you hate the word rumour, but I think I might be safe on this one. For not being nostalgic, there is a rumour there is one venue in the park [Universal Studios Florida] that will never go away. Can you speak on that or am I completely hearing a different story?
Mark Woodbury: Who told you that?
Cregg [inaudible surname]: Mike West
Mike West: [laughs] No! Goodnight everybody!
[Iconic Flying theme from E.T. soundtrack starts to play in the background]
Mark Woodbury: There is one. As long as I’m here, it won’t go away…True story.
[13 seconds approximately into E.T. iconic Flying theme]
Mark Woodbury: I don’t know who queued it up… But it’s pure genius.

FYI: Mike West is the senior director and executive producer at Universal Creative. 

In case you’re unaware, a rumour had been swirling around suggesting that the E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida would be closing permanently.

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It would be fair to suggest that Woodbury quashed that rumour…for the time being! Thanks to Alicia Stella of Orlando ParkStop for bringing this video to our attention.


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