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Disney Alters Boarding Group Return Windows for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


As Disney continues to assess the best approach for getting guests on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they have offered an update on the boarding group return windows.

Guests were given a two-hour return window to ride SW: ROTR up until recently. This essentially means that if your boarding group was called at 1:00pm for example, you’d have until 3:00pm to ride the attraction.

Even though the flexibility of a two-hour return is wonderful for the guests, it makes life hard for crowd management. Disney has offered the following with regards to boarding group windows as a result:

Guests will be given a specific window of time of either one or two hours to return though their My Disney Experience App.

This is in “contrast” to the two-hour window that guests have been used to since SW: ROTR opened in early December.

The unanswered question at this time is how it is determined who gets a two-hour window and who gets a one-hour window. However, Disney hasn’t revealed the criteria for that choice.

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