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RUMOUR: Is Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Studios Florida Closing In 2020?


Theme Park University (TPU) reader John wrote into the website to ask the following question:

“Have you heard this [RUMOuR] about Revenge of The Mummy (ROTM) closing? People are saying Universal Studios could shut it down for a major refurbishment by the end of 2020. The logic behind it is the Hulk and dragon challenge were both closed after being open for 16 years. Any insight? have you heard anything?”

According to TPU’s Josh Young (Young), this is one of the most bizarre rumours he’s read in a long time. For starters, Young said he hasn’t heard anything about replacement for ROTM.

Young also says the attraction is not listed for refurbishment publicly for 2020 on any Universal Orlando Resort (Universal Orlando) websites. However, it’s fair to say its early in the year. Young understands things can change at any time.

After sharing his opinion on the rumour, Young decided to look at the facts!

The Incredible Hulk1 roller coaster (coaster) opened in the summer of 1999 and closed in September 2015 for an extensive refurbishment. 16 years (2015 – 1999), Young checks this fact off his list.

Dragon Challenge1 (a) (originally known as Duelling Dragons) Also opened with the park in June of 1999. However, the attraction closed in September 2017. Essentially, the attraction lasted for 18 years and this is where the rumoured ROTM refurbishment falls apart according to Young.

Young says that we must keep in mind the reason that both above-mentioned coasters needed to close is that they were very slowly sinking. Both coasters where built on bodies of water: a lake/swamp. Florida’s water table is something of a mystery and hard to predict over the course of ten to twenty plus years.

The TPU writer said at some point, both coasters needed to close. There’s good news! Now there are much better roller coaster footers on the market that can accommodate being in a body of water in Florida.

The point in this case, an expiration date had nothing whatsoever to do with closures, according to Young. It had everything to do with how the structures we’re going to stabilize over time.

If time were the reason roller coasters had to close, Orlando would have a huge problem on its hands, Young said. Kraken, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Rock N Roller Coaster would all be beyond a 16-year life span.

Young says even if we pretended that this was just Universal’s roller coaster policy (which it isn’t, then Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster (WWNC) would have closed years ago. WWNC Is the oldest roller coaster on Universal Orlando’s property As it officially opened in March 1999 – before islands of adventure opened in fact.

“Finally, we need to put one more nail in this Revenge of the Mummy closing in 2020 coffin,” Young said.

Not all roller coasters are the same, according to Young. Just because they hit a certain age, it automatically determines they need to be replaced or scrapped.

ROTM Was built on a soundstage (concrete floor). Premier Rides designed the attraction, whereas B & M where responsible for coasters in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Whilst they are roller coasters, it’s very fair to say that they are very different animals.

Young says the stresses on the track on our ride that is indoor and as compact and not that tool are nothing compared to the outdoor counterparts at Universal Orlando. Even being in a temperature-controlled environment and not exposed to the Florida heat and humidity will help preserve a roller coaster and its support.  

Will ROTM close at some point? Of course it will. It’s common knowledge that Universal refreshes their attractions quicker than the industry average. Will ROTM close in 2020? Unless something crazy happens? Young says not a chance.

Our Opinion: No, ROTM will not close for good in 2020. It’s more likely to go down for an extensive refurbishment sometime this year. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  1. Attractions in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.
    1. Dragons Challenge was replaced by Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, which opened on the 13th June.

Source: Theme Park University

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