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RUMOUR: Spaceship Earth’s Refurbishment to Start After Test Track Reopens Next Month


Spaceship Earth’s (SE) refurbishment may finally start in the first half of 2020, according to Notes from Neverland (NFN).

After the original closing period was pushed back from 2019, it would now appear the iconic attraction is set to close after Test Track (TT) reopens following its scheduled refurbishment.

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Even though no specific dates were given, SE closing in the first of 2020 makes the “most logical sense” following a successful reopening of TT.

This would essentially prevent the project from falling too far behind the other construction projects at Epcot that are already underway.

NFN have seen other construction projects experience significant delays, so its suffice to suggest take the website’s estimation with a “grain of salt”.

The basis of this rumour comes from the fact that Disney doesn’t want two of its E-ticket attractions in Future World to be closed at the same time.

When SE does finally close for refurbishment, guests should expect it to be down for a significant period of time.

Earlier rumours suggested the attraction’s closure could last as long as two years as Disney overhauls and updates Epcot’s centrepiece attraction.

The updates are set to touch nearly every aspect of the ride, including the track the ride vehicles use to the ride’s scenes.

We hope that Disney will announce the closing date in due course so guests can experience as it currently stands one last time…Plus, guests can plan around the attraction’s closure.

Source: Notes from Neverland

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