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RUMOUR: Blue and Green Milk to Leave Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?


This is a two month old rumour, however, it’s one you should know about.

It’s being rumoured that the blue and green milk1 might be leaving Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (SW: GE) or at least getting a massive overhaul.

1: In case you’re unaware, the blue and green milk is a drink that can be purchased in SW: GE.

The rumour comes from Twitter user @SWGalaxysEdge who said it was mentioned in a Jim Hill podcast.

The reason why the Blue and Green Milk might be leaving (or completely overhauled) is because of the taste and texture.

Reports suggest that it’s not even in the same league of what Universal has done with their Harry Potter drinks, which Disney was hoping to compete with.

During the November 25th, 2019 episode of the Disney Dish podcast, Jim Hill said:

“Years, years of development and this is the taste Disney’s test kitchen came up with? You know, it’s like house paint. You get to the front of the line and its $7 for plain blue and green milk, or its $14 if they put rum in it. All I was thinking could we just split the difference and you could just give me the rum.”

The co-host of the Disney Dish podcast, Len Testa said “it’s like drinking latex.”

Testa also said that to him, the blue and green milk are a “one-and-done” experience due to the poor taste and odd texture.

Hill then said: “You’re not wrong with the one-and-done. The irony is that having just been over at Universal, and to having people just leaving Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley and talking about (unintelligible) how they have to get their Butterbeer/Hot Butterbeer…”

“I’m sorry, but somebody at Disney… after all of this work… Blue Milk is a botch.” Either Jim Hill or Len Testa said on the Disney Dish Podcast.

Testa agrees that the Blue and Green Milks are failures. Just to clarify, this is just Testa and Hill’s opinion.

However, it’s fair to say Testa are Hill are highly influential in the Disney Blogging circles. So if they’re not impressed, it’s likely guests are as well.

If the milk sales dip after guests have tasted it once, it’s pretty say to suggest we’ll see some kind of revamp or replacement.

Source: Disney Dish, Pirates and Princesses


  1. The article states: “The rumour comes from Twitter user @SWGalaxysEdge who said it was mentioned in a Jim Hill podcast.”

    Huh? So the whole reported “rumor” is based on a random tweet mentioning a podcast broadcasted nearly two months ago? As a subscriber, I listened to the Disney Dish episode when it originally broadcasted.

    No, the podcast never mentioned a floating “rumor” of the drink’s demise. The hosts, Hill and Testa, only gave a negative review of the drinks after Galaxy’s Edge opened in Florida.

    This sloppy reporting is epidemic in Disney fandom.

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