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Altered Look to the 2020 Disney Dining Plan; Sheds Light on “Loophole”


Disney has altered the way it shows the adult and child dining plan credits for Quick Service and Deluxe plans to clarify how points are allocated, according to reports online.

As illustrated in the screenshots below, child and adult credits are now split instead of being “pooled together” for the above-mentioned plans.

Before the alteration, the credits were “pooled” for all guests on a reservation, regardless of adult or child designation.

So in simple terms, child credits could be used on adult meals because they were being pulled from the same allocation.

With the altered look of the credit allocation, it would seem much “less likely” that this “loophole” will be able to be used at a dining location at Walt Disney World Resort.

At the end of the day, Disney is simply providing an easy to understand guide to something that allowed some uncertainty in the past and could have even led to some misusing1 the Disney Dining Plan.

1: Or in a way that Disney didn’t intend for it to be used.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a change in policy, however it will still impact on how you use the Disney Dining plan on your next visit.

Numerous will see this clarification of allocation as a negative, however it is ultimately just ensuring clear communication to the guest and servers at the point of transaction.

Source: Blog Mickey, DIS Boards


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