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Both Kylo Ren Audio-Animatronic Figures Not Working on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Today



Earlier this week, an all-new video emerged online showing what happens when one of the main Kylo Ren audio-animatronics (animatronics) on the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR) attraction breaks down.

Watch in the video1 below:

Whilst SW: ROTR has a number of amazing animatronics, less than a month into the attraction’s operation, a number of them are “regularly inoperable”. According to WDWNT’s Jessica Figueroa, she’s rode the attraction a handful of times where the probe droid never descends from the ceiling. It would also appear that the main animatronics “are also failing to meet the First Order’s expectations.

Whilst riding SW: ROTR, you will see there are two (2) Kylo Ren animatronics. The first (1st)  one you’ll see inside an interrogation room alongside General Hux. The second (2nd) one you seeing during one of the many escape rooms, just after the room with the blasting cannons. If the 1st animatronic is down, it simply slums motionlessly, even though riders can hear his dialogue – proven in the video below.

If the 2nd animatronic is down, you’ll see what you may have seen in the video at the start of this article (1). WDWNT’s Figueroa explains what happens if the 2nd animatronic is down perfectly in the quote below.

“If the second audio-animatronic is down, riders see a TIE Fighter attack scene take place through the windows.

Kylo then makes an appearance on the screen aboard his own TIE variant, threatening riders of their imminent demise… before ultimately getting thwarted in a similar fashion”

Jessica Figueroa, WDWNT

Would you be disappointed, upset or angry if you went through the process of arriving early and securing a boarding group to see a broken, missing or B-mode animatronic? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: WDWNT


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