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Issues Reported with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups This Morning


Guests who planned extensively and arrived early for a 6:00am opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios) encountered issues when trying to secure their boarding groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR).

According to numerous reports, guests were not asked to use their fingerprint to enter the park, instead guests had to use either their MagicBand or card.

It’s worth mentioning that the biometric/fingerprint scan can be bypassed due to large crowds1. The bypassing of the fingerprint scan is not a common practice2….

“[This is] something that we don’t think Disney has tried before at Disney’s Hollywood Studios rope drop since Rise of the Resistance opened earlier this month.” Mike of Blog Mickey said.

Whilst it’s unclear at this time what led to the problems, many guests found that the My Disney Experience app did not recognise them as being in Hollywood Studios.

If the app doesn’t recognise you as being in the park, you won’t be able to secure a boarding group for SW: ROTR.  

In case you’re unaware, Disney has a number of Guest Experience Team Cast Members (GETCM) stationed along Hollywood Boulevard and throughout the park.

These specific Cast Members are the ones that will help you if you’re having troubles with the boarding group process.

The GETCMs were inundated with guests because of the amount of guests experiencing issues this morning.

A number of guests were put into later boarding groups than they otherwise would have if they could just use the My Disney Experience app.

We know that Disney will be working around the clock to make a software/operational change tomorrow morning to prevent the frustrations guests encountered this morning.  

1: Getting guests into Hollywood Studios quicker essentially.

Source: Blog Mickey

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