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Disneyland to Implement Virtual Queue System for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


Star Wars aficionados excited to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR) will need to book a time to ride the all-new attraction after entering Disneyland. Officials have said Disneyland plans to use the virtual queuing system when SW: ROTR opens to the public on the 17th January, 2020.

The virtual queue for the attraction may work differently than the system implemented at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios). Initially, Hollywood Studios allowed guests into the park early and issued SW: ROTR virtual queue boarding groups before the park’s scheduled park opening time.

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Walt Disney World Resort later adjusted the policy and waited to issue boarding groups until after the official scheduled park opening time. Hollywood Studios has also started issuing backup groups for the virtual queue to create standby groups…

…This all depends of if time and space allows for additional riders at the end of each day. Guests visiting Disneyland will need to log into the Disneyland app to secure a SW: ROTR boarding group in the virtual queue. Push notifications will be sent to guests when it’s time for their group to ride.

The goal is simple…To allow visitors to ride other Disneyland attractions whilst waiting to experience SW: ROTR without having to stand in a long line. Guests must be inside the park to select a boarding group for the ride. Be prepared, that’s all we’re going to say!

Source: The OCR

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