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Walt Disney Imagineering Wanted a More Intense Version of Flight of Passage; James Cameron Didn’t


It would be fair to say Flight of Passage (FOP) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most popular attractions at Walt Disney World Resort. Essentially, it’s been a hit from day one!

What often can be described as Soarin on steroids, FOP puts guests on a link chair which is meant to simulate flight on the back of a banshee, or Ikran. FOP’s ride system bounces and tilts to give guests the feeling of flight…

…However, Imagineers wanted to create a more intense version of FOP. In the final episode of The Imagineering Story on Disney+, Avatar creator James Cameron talks a little about FOP.

“I felt early on that it was too rough, that the ride was too rough,” Cameron said. The award-wining director went on to say that he felt like FOP was “trying to compete with hardcore iron rides and hardcore simulator rides for an adrenaline rush”.

While it’s unclear at what point of development this particular conversation occurred in, it seems like it was after the ride type was settled on. Cameron said that he and Disney found compromise after he asked them to back off the thrills…

…Saying that they met in the middle between his vision and what the Imagineers wanted. What do you think? Would you like to ride a rougher version of FOP or do you prefer it as it is? Comment below.

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