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Baby Yoda Changing Station at Disneyland is Just a Smart Hoax


This is almost enough to make you eager to change a dirty nappy/diaper…If only it was real.

Since his debut on The Mandalorian in November, Baby Yoda madness has definitely swept the universe, infiltrating memes, toys, clothes and even spiky-haired celebrity chefs.

HOWEVER! One place it hasn’t infiltrated – at least not just yet, are the bathrooms inside Disneyland, despite a photo that has gone viral suggesting something else.

Twitter user @Cartarsauce shared a photo (earlier this week) a photo that suggested Disneyland had replaced it existing baby-changing signage with images that depict a nappy/diaper-clad Baby Yoda.

“Um guys, whi is nobody talking about the baby changing signage in Galaxy’s Edge? The Twitter user asked in the photo’s caption. However as it turns out, nobody is talking about it because it isn’t real…

A Walt Disney World Resort (Walt Disney World) spokesperson told Fox News this past Friday that neither Disneyland nor Walt Disney World had change its baby-changing signage, meaning the picture isn’t real.

The person behind the @Cartarsauce, Sam Carter told Fox News that he fabricated the design because he thought that’s what the signage should look like.

“I work in the experience design/creative industry, and was recently at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge with my kids. While in the land’s restroom I noticed the detail of the baby changing icon and wondered why the design wasn’t ‘The Child’ from ‘[The] Mandalorian’, it totally should be.

The next day I had a few minutes and whipped up what it would look like and wanted to share it. [I] never though it would be believed or blow up like that, but if anything, hopefully Imagineering ends up changing the sign to that.

[Smith added:] Baby Yoda is the biggest star in the Galaxy right now, I think it would make a lot of people to see that!”

Sam Carter talking to Fox News

Real or not, it’s fair to say, Twitter users seemed to love Carter’s idea. See in the tweets below:

However, there were a few on the Twitter-sphere who were dubious from the beginning, even though they remained hopeful. See in the tweets below:

On the other hand, the actual signage at the park appears somewhat similar to the fake Baby Yoda sign (in its distressed appearance) although without the ears if Yoda, according to Twitter user @Schmoofy. Related tweet can be read below.

Anyhow, as one Twitter user indicated, Baby Yodas of that size probably don’t need anyone to attend to their diapers.

Source: The Orange County Register

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