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How Disney is Handling Immense Demand for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


It would be fair to say Disney has been spending the last couple of months about its extremely ambitious all-new Star Wars attraction and now Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR) riders are lining up to see whether SW: ROTR lives up to the hype. According to reviews, it is!

SW: ROTR opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios) last week. Featuring numerous ride systems, huge show buildings and incredible special effects, the attraction was touted by Disney as “most advanced” attraction ever has now become the most in-demand attraction at Walt Disney World Resort (Walt Disney World).

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Anticipating big crowds and long lines, Disney implemented a virtual queue system which allows visitors to avoid a traditional line whilst waiting for their turn to ride the attraction.

If you have visited Walt Disney World before over the past several years, you are more than likely familiar with FastPasses. However, to ride SW: ROTR, you’ll need to join a boarding group – which you’ll need to do in the early in the morning.

You can find out more about the boarding group process here.

Several times since SW: ROTR has opened, the daily allotment of boarding groups were issued within an hour of Hollywood Studios opening. Essentially meaning some guests will miss out on the chance on the riding SW: ROTR1

1: Sources tell us that SW: ROTR is only running at 60%, maybe it’s time to turn it up a little bit.

SW: ROTR has experienced some downtime (several times a day) already since the attraction opened on the 5th December. Whilst this is expected for any new attraction (and one of this measure), Disney’s has always gone above and beyond to accommodate people who were unable to experience the ride during their assigned time.

Tom Bricker, who put together a detailed FAQ on his website DisneyTouristBlog.com, says guests who do their research and wake up early have the best odds of experiencing Disney’s all-new attraction. It’s still unclear at this time when Walt Disney World will start using traditional FastPasses for SW: ROTR.

We will reveal our opinion on how Disney handled the immense demand in due course… Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone.

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