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Psychiatrists Urge Patients to Take Disney Vacations


Family run practices throughout the United States are changing their treatment plans to involve The Most Magical Places on Earth.

Psychiatrists are urging patients to ditch their plans and take a vacation to either Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.

Studies show patients exposed to environments encompassing the patient with positivity and experiences that are enriching have changed the outlook for the patients.

Attitudes and the overall sense of well-being can be adjusted positively with visits to either U.S. Disney Resorts.

Dr. Sanders at Psychiatry Today has been prescribing week long trips with stays at Disney Deluxe Resorts as a treatment. Sanders stated the following:

“My patients have the choice to take trips with their family to help promote positive changes in their behaviour and develop lifetime memories in the meantime.

I usually suggest my patients purchase an annual pass to make sure that they are able to continue on their path to managing their emotions.”

Dr. Sanders, Psychiatry Today

Source: Just Disney

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