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Discovery Cove Welcomes and Honours Veteran Andrew Inman


Today, Discovery Cove welcomed Andrew Inman, who served in both the United States Marine Corps and Army, his wife Erin and their children, for a once-in-a-lifetime day of exhilaration and inspiration at Discovery Cove.

“We can’t thank Discovery Cove and Wounded Warrior Project enough for all they have done for our family.

Its memorable moments, like the ones our family experienced today that warm your heart and remind you that our nation is full of amazing people and great humanity.

We’re just so grateful for this unforgettable day.”

Andrew Inman

During a deployment to Iraq, Inman was injured in combat and subsequently accepted a medical retirement from the United States Army. He has been active alumni member with the Wounded Warrior Project since February 2014.

Credit: Discovery Cove

Inman’s wife Erin has also played a significant role in his recovery, and that of numerous warriors and family support members in the community, volunteering her time to the organisation as well as several other veterans groups.

“Veterans Day is an important moment to be able to salute and thank all those who have served our nation.

Our continued support for Wounded Warrior Project and its alumni, is a small token of our appreciation to those we can never thank enough.”

Kyle Miller, Discovery Cove president

“Working with Discovery Cove has been an invaluable part of the healing process for some of our wounded warriors.

We’re moved by Discovery Cove’s passion and commitment to honor and empower wounded warriors.”

Carl Quaney, Outreach Specialist for the Wounded Warrior Project

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