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WATCH: Christmas Carolers Crash Halloween Horror Nights


It would be safe to suggest that the rivalry between Christmas and Halloween “came to a head” last night outside Universal Studios Florida, as a group of Christmas carollers somewhat crashed Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) to mark the end of the frightful season. 

If you’ve been following @HorrorNightsORL and @UniversalORL on Twitter this week, you may have noticed tensions have been brewing. Aruging about the forthcoming holiday season, related tweets can be read below.

Late in the evening of the 31st October, 2019, @UniversalORL posted some very worrying/ominous tweets. Relating tweets can be read below.

Minutes after midnight, 1st November, 2019, @UniversalORL positioned a group of Christmas carollers outside the Entrance archway of Universal Studios Florida (complete with the decorations and Christmas trees). This stunt buried @HorrorNightsORL per say.

We must share our hypothesis: Was this protest/stunt in retaliation of sending Santa Claus and one of his elfs through one of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses, watch here, who knows! But that’s just our hypothesis.

HHN needed a comeback and they had one: they encouraged guests to guests to protest with homemade signs to drown out the Christmas carols.

Again, it’s suffice to suggest that @HorrorNightsORL was not happy with this “incident”, we use that term loosely. Related tweet from @HorrorNightsORL below illustrates that.

This “incident” didn’t last very long, HOWEVER @UniversalORL weren’t finished there! They sent the carolers involved in last night’s “incident” and Giggles the elf to Universal’s Islands of Adventure to share the holiday joy. Related tweets can be found below:

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