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4 Ways to Thank a Walt Disney World Cast Member


This blog-type article was inspired by recently-reported experience. Find a link to the source of inspiration for this piece at the bottom of this article…This blog-type article was also inspired by Pete Werner of the DIS Unplugged.

We’re pretty sure if you’ve taken a trip to Walt Disney World Resort, you’ve had at least 1 extraordinary experience with a Cast Member, if not many more.

With that being said, the next time you’re at Walt Disney World and you have an extraordinary experience with a Cast Member, here are four ways to thank them.

Guest Relations Visit: The best and most meaningful way to thank a Cast Member is to leave comments with Guest Relations. It’s safe to suggest Disney prides itself on customer service, so feedback left with Guest Relations is huge. The comments left at Guest Relations not only get back to the Cast Member, but they also go to their manager.

Email Guest Communications: If the queue for Guest Relations is way too long or you forget to stop on your way exiting the park. NEVER FEAR! You can also email your Cast Member experience to the Walt Disney World Guest Communications email: wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com.

Tweet @WDWToday Using Hashtag #CastCompliment: You can easily tweet your Cast Member experience comments to the (official) Twitter account, @WDWToday (Walt Disney World Today) using the hashtag #CastCompliment. This is the best way in our opinion.

Give Thank You Notes: Simple but sweet! Bring a post card1 sized thank you notes to give Cast Members who particularly helpful.

1: Disney-themed maybe or you could even create your own.

Even though this way could be considered the least practical, it’s still a way (personal in fact) to thank Cast Members.

Other ways include: Tip extra (excluding Cast Members), talk to a manager and be on your best behaviour. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

This was such a great piece to write in our opinion! Hopefully this gives you some tips on your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

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