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New York Man Sues NBCUniversal Over “Unlimited” Refillable Souvenir Cup at Universal Orlando


Universal Orlando Resort is a part of NBCUniversal Comcast family in case you weren’t aware.

A New York man is suing NBCUniversal after he purchased an “unlimited” refill cup at Universal Orlando to find that he was limited to 1 refill every 10 minutes or 6 refills an hour.

Luis Arnaud, a New York resident, visited Universal’s Islands of Adventure on 31st July when he bought a refillable souvenir cup for $16.99 and then reactivated it the next day for $8.99 at Universal’s water park, Volcano Bay.

Having reactivating the cup and “attempting to quench his thirst and refill his cup again”, Arnaud realised the limit, the lawsuit claims.

Each refillable souvenir cup has an RFID chip, which is used to scan refills at Universal Orlando’s parks Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

When Arnaud attempted to refill his cup, he was greeted with a message that he needed to wait “making its ‘unlimited’ representations false and misleading”, the lawsuit claims.

The New York resident saw “unlimited” representations throughout the parks and that “he would have not been willing to pay the sum he had paid had he known that the products did not provide unlimited refills and were mislabelled and falsely advertised”, according to the lawsuit.

Allegations made include that NBCUniversal’s “unlimited” representations are misleading. Arnaud said he was injured as a result of this misrepresentation and that they had an intent to mislead.

The lawsuit does not specify the damages Arnaud is seeking, even though a jury trial has been requested. NBCUniversal has yet to make a comment on the lawsuit.  

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