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Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Was Plagued With Bees…


…However, it’s still plagued with long lines!

Before getting into the details, we must make you aware Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is open and running. We are only just running a story of the bee-stly issue!

Credit: The Potter Collector

On Tuesday 24th September, 2019 (1), reports that the ride was unable to open due to a honeybees nest began to emerge online. Honeybees have been deemed an endangered species in Florida, so getting rid of them from the ride area is not easy.

According to Orlando Park Stop’s article on the situation, the issue seemed to be resolved by the next day, however some noted that not only did they go away, but there were more bees on the ride’s site than before.

Photo Credit: Nathan Harding
Photo Credit: Nathan Harding

The above photos show what can be described as a significant amount of honeybees swarming around the ride’s roller coaster track. The photos were posted in the Theme Park Stop Facebook Group by the person credited (see above).

1Guests were waiting for hours in line hoping that the ride would re-open, however it would appear it never did. Guests waiting could see technicians, which were thought to be “bee specialists” on the site of ride to evaluate the situation – see in the photo below.

Photo Credit: Orlando Park Stop

On Wednesday 25th September, 2019, it looked like the situation was just as bad. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure did not open with the park, yet again there were reports that bees were the issue. At around 1:00pm, the ride re-opened.

Not much was discussed online about the ride and the bees for the next several days. However, Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop heard that here and there that bees could still be spotted around the ride.

Fast forward to Wednesday 2nd October, 2019…

…A rumour suggesting someone with allergy being stung while riding the ride emerged online. The ride closed early on the 2nd October, 2019, most likely due to the honeybees around the area.

Universal Team Members told guests that it would be “pure luck” if they’re able to reopen the ride again that day.

This bee issue comes following months of ups and downs for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. According to Stella, the coaster ran into unforeseen issues right before its grand opening that led to it requiring addition testing time…

…Meaning that coaster has opened late each day in the first few weeks. However, the ride has moved to early closing times in recent weeks.

“What’s most unfortunate is that the ride seemed to be running much more smoothly in the days leading up to this new problem, if you can bee-lieve it.”

Alicia Stella, Orlando Park Stop

During the evening hours of the 2nd October, Universal Orlando responded to a reporter from MyNews13 with the following comment: “Our team is working to resolve the situation. We will reopen the attraction as soon as we’re able to do so.” Tweets from the MyNews13 relating to this situation can be found below:


Source: Orlando Park Stop


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