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New President Announced for Walt Disney World Resort


According to CNBC, a new leader for the Walt Disney World Resort has been named. Beginning in November, Josh D’Amaro will oversee Walt Disney World. In case you didn’t know, D’Amaro was most recently the President of the Disneyland, who also has a new president1.

1: Again, beginning in November, Rebecca Campbell will oversee the Disneyland Resort. Campbell was the President of Europe, Middle East and Africa for the Walt Disney Company’s direct-to-consumer and international segment.

Furthermore, in addition to the newly named Presidents, Bob Chapek, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products chairman, addressed the news of Catherine Powell’s departure from the company. You can find out more about Powell’s departure here.

Powell’s unexpected departure had a number of reporters speculating that she was leaving the company after the sluggish attendance at Disney’s new Star-Wars themed lands at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World…

…Chapek called the reports “erroneous”. We have no comment on that. Chapek said Powell’s departure was a mutual decision, as the role had become extraneous. Powell worked for the company for 15 years, she is highly thought of within the company, he said.

“Essentially, the wrong person left. I know who I wanted to go… “

Jamie Simms, Orlando Theme Park Zone

…So does Dreams Unlimited co-owner, DISBoards President, Pete Werner. Don’t know who we’re talking about, find out who in the video below.

Credit: DIS Unplugged

Going back for a second, Powell’s position at Disney included overseeing Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World Resort. This let Chapek to focus on Fox and the other consumer/intellectual products integration, however, he still had an eye on the parks.

Powell’s position has now been split up, which the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products chairman said is how the parks segment was run in previous times. The Disneyland duties have been handed off to Michael Colgalazier, who evidently ran Disney Parks and Resorts in Asia.

Furthermore, Disney has promoted George Kalogridis, who has led Walt Disney World since 2013, to the president of Disney segment development and enrichment. He will also lead the Disney Institute, Kalogridis has been with the company nearly 50 years.


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