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Balloon Handler at Walt Disney World Almost Blown Away by Strong Gust of Wind


A balloon handler at the Magic Kingdom was almost blown away by a strong gust of wind at a recent Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party1. Watch the windy incident unfold in the video below:

” the brave cast member whom slays the wind monster in this video is okay!”

1: This past Sunday, 15th August, 2019.

In the above video, you will see the Cast Member known as Brandon Myers holding on for dear life to his collection of Halloween-theme Mickey Mouse balloons.

As the wind blows, Myers can be seen in the video above struggling, almost falling to his feet. At one point in the video, you can see the Cast Member is in what appears to be a one-handed push-up position as he tries tirelessly to wait out the winds.

Eventually, Myers was able to make it onto one knee before he finally got his balance back and making it back up on both his feet. Even though the Cast Member made it back up after his small fall, Myers continued to battle the winds as he walked away.

In case you’re wondering, Myers is okay! As the caption underneath the video illustrates.

Source: WDWInfo, Inside The Magic

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