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Automated Cameras Have Arrived at Walt Disney World; I’m Not Happy…


…Neither are the guests more importantly! 

Written by website lead, Jamie Simms.

Automated cameras have arrived at several popular/iconic character meet and greet locations at Walt Disney World, so far guests are not happy about it. I’m not happy about it anyhow! 

The magic that Disney create for families is what makes the company stand out from the rest, safe to say. They’re a number of reasons why I love visiting the happiest place one earth is to photograph the laughs, memories and experiences that we create at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s safe to suggest that this goes for the guests as well. 

I believe the photographers at iconic resort are trained with an incredible eye for incredible photos. A MACHINE CAN’T DO THAT! I think everyone could agree with the following statement; 

Even though I don’t have a family, having visited the World with my family, the amount the of photos I have with my family and myself sharing the laughs, memories and experiences with the characters, the interactions that are told through an incredible photograph, these are the scenarios that kept bringing me back to visit Walt Disney World. 

Do you agree with the above statement? Comment below. 

A number of guests have reached out to Walt Disney Guest Relations, however that did not seem change the head decision maker’s minds. In case you didn’t know, automated cameras are now being used at the Mickey and Minnie meet and greet inside Town Square Theater + Tinkerbell’s meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom. 

Oh shoot! I forgot! these automated cameras are being used at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well. Suffice to suggest guests are upset with the move! It wasn’t long before Disney fans/guests visiting Walt Disney World took to Twitter to voice opinions – see in relating tweets below. 

Before I end this piece, I wanted to talk about the automated camera process itself. So! How does it work? 

When you walk into the related meet and greet room, there will be a Character Cast Member there to guide you through the entire interaction. The flash on the camera will go off every 3-5 seconds, which captures multiple photos. The best news to come out of this movie, in my opinion, Cast Members involved in the interaction can still take pictures. 

Once the interaction with the Character in question has ended, you then proceed to the exit and scan your MagicBand at a kiosk to link the photos to your MyDisneyExperience account.  In case you’re new/didn’t know, the cameras work in conjunction with Disney’s PhotoPass, your MagicBand and MyDisneyExperience. You can find out more about Disney’s PhotoPass here and here

In my time of writing, I’ve never shared an opinion on something like this before. I am absolutely NOT HAPPY/HATE to see the photographers leave because automated cameras WILL NOT capture the perfect shot like the professional can. Plus, think of the job losses. Technology over the human… Sad yet evolving times!

I’m also not happy to see the interaction between the photographer, guest and Character disappear, that’s an element which makes element of what makes the interaction memorable.

Feature Image: Blog Mickey

WAIT! Hold on! A petition launched calling on Disney to keep the PhotoPass photographers.  Started by Martin (@Martsartuk) recently, it has already accumulated almost 6,000 signatures. Quite remarkable. Find out more here. Find a link to the petition below,

LINK: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-keep-the-disney-photopass-photographers

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