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    Universal Orlando Trivia Quiz (Hard Version)


    Manage to smash the first Universal Orlando trivia quiz? Then this hard version may be a great challenge for you. Good luck! Let us know how you did in the comment section of the quiz page.

    1. Which ride caught fire in January 2011?
    2. Riders crash through a billboard during The Simpsons Ride. What does the billboard say?
    3. What is the name of the crew member whose soul was sucked out by Imhotep on Revenge of the Mummy?
    4. What is the name of the gift shop where guests can purchase items used at the theme parks in past rides or events?
    5. Which character steals the Allspark first in Transformers: The Ride 3D?
    6. Which attraction do riders accidently enter a restricted area?
    7. How many years in a row was Mythos voted the #1 theme park restaurant in the world through Theme Park Insider?
    8. How many water slides at Universal’s Volcano Bay water park start with a drop floor?
    9. In which past or present ride does Steven Spielberg have a hidden cameo?
    10. What phone number can guests dial in the phone booth outside Kings Cross Station to connect with the Ministry of Magic?

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