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Object Reportedly Hits Female Guest on the Head on Space Mountain


A female Guest was reportedly hit on the head when riding Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom yesterday.

Witnesses have said that an unspecified object hit a female guest on the head whilst she was riding the iconic attraction yesterday.

In an email to the established outlet, Inside the Magic (ITM), another Magic Kingdom guest recalls the incident.

She told ITM that she saw a female Guest being brought into an area in the gift shop adjacent to the Space Mountain attraction. EMTs arrived on the scene shortly after and spent around 10 minutes with the guest who was hit on the head.

The aforementioned witness stated that the guest did not need further medical attention and Cast Members were looking into how the incident after it happened.

Speculation suggests that an object could have fallen from a ride vehicle on the track above, thus landing on the unsuspecting passenger. However, this is purely speculation. At this time, no more details have been confirmed.

The Guest added that her family had returned to the Space Mountain attraction queue, hopefullyto ride the attraction a second time, however Cast Members had turned all the lights on and closed the attraction.

PLEASE NOTE: The witness and her family were not visiting Magic Kingdom with the Guest who was hit on the head.

Following the publishing of this article, we will reach out to Disney for comment on this incident. We are happy to hear that the guest didn’t need further medical attention, and hope she is okay.

H/T Inside The Magic

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