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Ex-Disney Employee Says She Was Sexually Harassed; Faced Retaliation When She Reported It


In a recently filed lawsuit, an ex-employee claims Walt Disney World wrongfully terminated her after she filed a sexual harassment claim against her supervisor.

According to the lawsuit, filed two days ago, the woman worked as a cook at the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant and prepared food for Woody’s Lunch Box. The woman was employed by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts from May to August 2018, records indicate.

The ex-employee said she was sexually harassed by a supervising chef while on the job, was inappropriately touched multiple times and felt the brunt of sexual comments made during her shift.

The woman claimed after she reported the sexual harassment to upper management, she was met with retaliation and was falsely accused of workplace and safety violations that ultimately led to the termination of her employment at Walt Disney World.

The lawsuit alleged that mistakes in the woman’s schedule were purposely made, she did not receive the training she needed to successfully complete her job and was falsely reported for taking drugs all as forms of retaliation.

Records indicate the ex-employee is seeking reimbursement for lost wages and benefits, an award for compensatory and punitive damages, reinstatement, according to court documents. 

Source: Click Orlando


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